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Online Educational Resources

Visit Canton Museum of Art's virtual resources. Check out twelve weeks of video art lessons for kids through our Museum To Go Take Out series, artist talks, videos from our Art For Health and Healing program, virtual exhibit tours, and exhibit-specific scavenger hunts!

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The Canton Museum of Art presents Museum To Go: Take Out. Watch mutliple videos that guide you though art activities - perfect for everyone! This series of videos are based on projects from CMA's 4th grade outreach program - Museum To Go and aim to connect students and families to the museum by featuring work from our permanent collection with corresponding art projects you can do at home.  Click on the links below for  video tutorials, and on the Virtual 360 degree links with corresponding lessons. 
(These lessons were created 2020 during the onset of the pandemic with our then Museum To Go Coordinator, Nyki Fetterman).


Creative Roots Art Activity:

Creative Roots 360:



Spirit of Clay Art Activity: 

Spirit of Clay 360:



Geometry (Everyday People) Art Activity:

Everyday People 360:



What's Your Angle Art Activity:

What's Your Angle 360:



Great Migration Art Activity:

Great Migration 360:



Parisian Salon Art Activity:

Parisian Salon 360:



Food for Thought Art Activity:

Food for Thought 360:



Op Art Activity:

Op Art 360:



Fire and Water Art Activity:

Fire and Water 360:



Merv Corning Art Activity:

Merv Corning 360:



Americana Art Activity:

Americana Virtual Gallery Tour: 



Windows Into The Past Art Activity:

Windows Into The Past 360:



Please enjoy the following Art Therapy Relaxation Sessions. Remember to take some time for yourself and be mindful of your mental health. Click on the links below to begin your "Relaxation Sessions."
(These sessions were created 2020 during the onset of the pandemic with our then Art for Health and Healing Coordinator, Amy Hope).


Relaxation Session #1:


Relaxation Session #2:



Relaxation Session #3:



Relaxation Session #4:



Relaxation Session #5:



Relaxation Session #6:



Explore Virtual 360 degree Tours of Current and Past Exhibits:


Explore our Full Art Collection:


Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

Try our virtual scavenger hunt - fun for kids, adults, and families! Explore our permanent collection exhibits and look closely at the art to discover the clues. Download and/or print our virtual scavenger hunt PDF below then click on the companion virtual exhibit to find the answers.

Virtual Exhibit: "In the Garden: Nature's Beauty from the CMA Collection"
Virtual Scavenger Hunt "In the Garden" and the Principles of Design

Virtual Exhibit: "Everyday People: Faces from the CMA Permanent Collection"
Virtual Scavenger Hunt "Everyday People" and the Elements of Art 

Virtual Exhibit: "Industry, Invention, and Progress"
Virtual Scavenger Hunt "Industry, Invention, and Progress"

CMA YouTube Channel

Watch a variety of CMA created original videos. 

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