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Ceramics Independent Study (Prerequisite: 3 CMA Ceramics classes or more)


Begins 01/08/2023, Ends 03/26/2023

Deadline to Register: 01-06-2023

12 Sundays, 03:30 PM-04:30 PM

Room 104

Instructor: Sarah.Debaun

Advanced ceramics students are now eligible for independent study at CMA! This option is available for a limited number of students that have taken at least three ceramics classes at CMA. Your registration fee provides access to the studio during open studio hours, a locker for storage, access to studio tools and equipment, and a professional teaching artist mentor available to get you setup and answer any questions you may have through email. Studio hours run from 1/8/23 - 3/26/23 which coincides with our winter ceramics class schedule. Students must be willing to sign a agreement and are capped at 50lbs of clay per session. As an educational ceramics studio maintained by our Canton Ceramics Artists Guild volunteers who fire students work, we are unable to accommodate production potters. Students with ceramics experience outside of CMA are not eligible for registration as students will need a strong working knowledge of CMA studio safety and procedures.

Additional costs, not included with cost:
*All CMA ceramics students are required to purchase their clay from the CMA; the cost is $45.00 for 25 pounds of clay and includes cost of glazes and firing.

COVID UPDATE: At this time, CMA no longer requires students and instructors to wear a face mask inside the building. (Mask policies subject to change based on CDC guidelines)

(Cost for Members: $132.00)
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