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Advanced Ceramics 6:30pm Tuesdays


Begins 05/18/2021, Ends 07/06/2021

Deadline to Register: 05-16-2021

8 Tuesdays, 06:30 PM-08:30 PM

Room 104

Instructor: Bill Shearrow

Now offering this 8 week course in our ceramics studios! Students with a firm foundation in basic technical skills will enjoy this class. Form, surface design, glazing, and firing will be explored in greater depth during this class. Advanced students with five sessions or the equivalent, (or working at a level determined to be advanced by the instructor) will be required to do their own firing in cooperation with the Canton Ceramic Artists Guild to deepen their understanding of the process.

*Additional costs, not included with class cost:
*All CMA ceramics students are required to purchase their clay from the CMA; the cost is $40.00 for 25 pounds of clay and includes cost of glazes and firing.
*Beginning students may also purchase a pottery tool kit ($13.50) from the CMA
*Both clay and ceramics tools can be purchased during the first day of class and throughout the session as needed.
*Class size is limited to only 8 students to ensure safe social distancing.
*New clear plexi glass dividers have been installed in between pottery wheels.
*Students will be required to wear a mask, maintain courteous social distance, and sanitize work station after each use.
*If the Ohio Public Health Advisory System increase to a Level 4 Public Emergency or makes recommendations that is unsafe to hold class in person, this class will be canceled.

(Cost for Members: $102.00)
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