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Immersive Art and Acting

Designed for ages 10-13

Begins 05/29/2024, Ends 05/29/2024

Deadline to Register: 05-27-2024

1 Wednesday, 05:30 PM-07:30 PM

Room 101

Instructor: Nyki Fetterman

Offering this NEW one-time workshop at CMA! Inspired by the exhibit "Immersive Spaces from the CMA Collection." This experience-based workshop invites participants to embark on a journey of creativity and collaboration. Immerse yourself in an interactive art experience as you join together with fellow participants to craft a short 3-act play inspired by a chosen artwork. Through observation and imagination, explore the depths of your selected artwork to uncover its narrative potential. With guidance, focus on the essential elements of storytelling as you weave together a plot that brings the artwork to life. Finally, take the stage to enact your interpretation of the artwork, blending art and performance into a memorable and immersive experience. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with art in a whole new way!

(Cost for Members: $16.00)
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