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Immersive Spaces from the CMA Collection (April 23- July 28, 2024)


Have you ever wished you could step inside a work of art? 






Art pulls us in by utilizing and activating our senses, and resonates with us based on our personal memories and experiences. In Immersive Spaces, learn how artists, through their imaginations and unique artistic processes, create art that envelops the senses.














Though we may not actually be able to feel or hear the objects and scenes depicted in a painting, artists invite us to use all of our senses when we explore a work of art—encouraging us to imagine the textures, smells, and even tastes of what is depicted. Some painters take this invitation to another level by painting details with such precision that we are tricked into believing what is painted is real. 










Scientifically, by fully immersing yourself and “stepping into a painting,” you're activating a process known as embodied cognition, where mirror neurons in the brain turn the things you see in art into actual emotions you can feel. Studies show that immersive art is beneficial; the more time you spend analyzing a piece of art, the more you are able to stimulate brain functions, which can increase your analytical and problem-solving skills in everyday life. Some studies also show that looking at art can increase blood flow to the brain by as much as 10% -- the equivalent of looking at someone you love.








Curated from our Permanent Collection, Immersive Spaces brings together works of art that engage all of our senses and activate our brain functions. How do artists invite us into their paintings so that we can imagine ourselves stepping inside the picture and experiencing it firsthand? Let your senses come alive in Immersive Spaces, and get ready to experience art in a new way! 




Did you know? CMA's collection includes over 1500 works of art. View CMA's entire collection here
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