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Neriage and Nerikomi Techniques (Prerequisite: 1 CMA Ceramics class or more)


Begins 01/28/2023, Ends 02/18/2023

Deadline to Register: 01-26-2023

4 Saturdays, 10:30 AM-01:30 PM

Room 104

Instructor: Sarah.Debaun

Offering this NEW 4 week class in our ceramics studios! This class is available for experienced students that have taken at least one ceramics class with a solid working knowledge of throwing, hand building, trimming, carving, and faceting. In Japan the words Neriage (Nair-ee-ah-gee) and Nerikomi (nair-ee-kO-me) refer to different ways colored clays are used. Neriage is the act of mixing at least two colored clay bodies together, which will create swirling and spiraling patterns when thrown on the wheel. Nerikomi works are hand built and then carved or faceted into to create a variation of patterns on the clay surface accenting the mixed clay bodies. Explore these exciting new techniques, make your own colored clay, and discover glazing techniques to highlight the natural beauty of your finished pieces.

*Cost includes all supplies.
*$25 worth of materials and firing costs included in class cost.

COVID UPDATE: At this time, CMA no longer requires students and instructors to wear a face mask inside the building. (Mask policies subject to change based on CDC guidelines)

Above Image: Sake Cup, 2010. Ban Kajitani (Japanese, Born 1941). Neriage stoneware. 3 ¼ x 3 ¼ x 1 ½ in. Canton Museum of Art Permanent Collection, Purchased from the collection of Bill and Liz Hunt, 2016.40

(Cost for Members: $100.00)
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