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Traditional to Digital AR Workshop (Ages 10-13)

Designed for ages 10-13

Begins 05/19/2024, Ends 05/19/2024

Deadline to Register: 05-17-2024

1 Sunday, 01:30 PM-04:30 PM

Room 101

Instructor: Tracy Dawn Brewer

Offering this NEW one-time workshop in person! Inspired by the augmented reality on display in the exhibit, "Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination." Explore the exciting intersection between traditional art and augmented reality creation using your iPad, Procreate, and Artivive. In this immersive 3-hour experience, we'll start by creating a physical 8”X10” piece of canvas art using acrylic paint. Then, delve into the world of augmented reality as we bring your masterpiece to life. Learn fundamental techniques like layering and digital elements to breathe life into a digital canvas. Master the art of animating your creations and crafting stunning 3D pieces, unlocking limitless creative possibilities. Gain valuable insights into sharing your art online using a Bridge account, empowering your digital presence. Unleash your creativity in this immersive and empowering experience. Space is limited to ten students, sign up today!

*All students are required to bring an Apple iPad Pro (Operating System 15.4.1 or newer), an Apple Pencil, and the current version of Procreate (Available on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $9.99).

(Cost for Members: $37.00)
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