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Pulp Fiction Zines

All Skill Levels

Begins 04/25/2021, Ends 04/25/2021

Deadline to Register: 04-18-2021

1 Sunday, 02:00 PM-04:00 PM


Instructor: Zachary Lee Clifford

Now offering this NEW one time workshop online! Inspired by the exhibit, "Mort Knstler: "The Godfather" of Pulp Fiction Illustrators". Learn about pulp fiction, story telling, zines and how to create them from the comfort of home in this hands on one time workshop. In this workshop you'll learn how to make a simple pulp fiction inspired zine that can be utilized for collage, drawing, photography, poetry or more. Interact with instructor Zachary Clifford and other students while watching step by step demonstrations as well as given time to practice, and create with help and live feedback. This class is for both beginners and experienced students.

*Cost includes all supplies.
*Materials and tools provided for pickup 4 days prior to class. Tools are to be returned to the museum within one week after class.
*Make sure to register before deadline to ensure materials are available.

(Cost for Members: $20.00)
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