CMA Fall Exhibitions On View through October 24th. 

Learn More About Our Fall Exhibitions HERE

The CMA will be requiring all guests to wear a mask while visiting as of 9/13/21 and until further notice.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Mailing Address:

1001 Market Avenue North Canton, Ohio 44702

Tel: 330.453.7666

Patron Services Desk (outside of office hours): 330.453.7666 ext 111

Fax: 330.453.1034


CMA Staff:

Max Barton - Executive Director & CEO

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext: 100

E-mail Max

Danielle Attar - Marketing and Events Director

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext. 102

E-mail Danielle

Dee St. Clair - Finance Director

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext. 101

E-mail Dee

Libby Doss - Development Director

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext. 103

E-mail Libby

Erica Emerson - Education Director

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext. 108

E-mail Erica

Christy Davis - Curator of Exhibitions

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext: 110

E-mail Christy

Kaleigh Pisani-Paige - Curator of Collections & Registrar

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext: 109

E-mail Kaleigh

Danielle Miller - Education Outreach and Museum To Go Coordinator

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext: 114

E-mail Danielle

Jess Kinsinger - Artisan Boutique  Coordinator

Tel: 330.453.7666 ext: 116

E-mail Jess

Alex Stewart - Facilities Technician

Tel: 330.327.8752

E-mail Alex

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