EXHIBITION: Earthly Creatures: The Nature of Patrica Raeder

May 1 - July 20, 2014



Patricia Raeder (1936-2012) and her husband, George, are artists of nature, and they have certainly shown us two sides of it with their exhibitions, Earthly Creatures and Turning Wood — both featured in the galleries this spring.

Patricia  worked in clay, and just like Waylande Gregory, our other feaured exhibition, she discovered that clay “is a colorful sculptural voice, and the most exciting” (Waylande Gregory). George works in wood, creating the beauty of decorative and functional artwork out of the natural beauty given to the many species that abound.

Earthly Creatures features more than 25 fanciful creations from the hands of Patricia Raeder. These sculptures take the viewer into play with animals, into scenes of pure joy and delight sure to bring a smile across your face.

Patricia Raeder Artist Statement
“I believe that everyone can be an artist. If, in your life you have a gift — be it cooking, mathematics, painting, caring for others or sculpture — and pursue it with creativity and excitement, you will become an artist in your field. Each of us can do that. 

“If my sculptures create pleasure for others, I have succeeded. If they cause someone to think, challenge or smile, I have succeeded. If they make anyone’s life better in any way, I have succeeded. What more can I wish for?”