EXHIBITION: Turning Wood: The Nature of George Raeder

May 1 - July 20, 2014



George Raeder and his wife, Patricia, are artists of nature, and they have certainly shown us two sides of it with their exhibitions, Turning Wood and Earthly Creatures — both featured in the galleries this spring.

George works in wood, creating the beauty of decorative and functional artwork out of the natural beauty given to the many species that abound. His wife, Patricia (1936-2012) worked in clay, and just like Waylande Gregory, our other feaured exhibition, she discovered that clay “is a colorful sculptural voice, and the most exciting” (Waylande Gregory).

Turning Wood features more than 30 expressive wood creations from the hands of George Raeder — a journey of artistry taking the viewer into the very heart of nature.
George Raeder Artist Statement
“I have found working with wood in any capacity to have wonderful therapeutic value. Using a wood lathe, shapes evolve in the wood-turning process that cannot be entirely preconceived because of the material. Differences in species, grain, coloring, knots, decay, hardness and other factors all contribute to the finished object’s configuration and surface treatment.

“The enjoyment from woodturning stems from attempting to create an object that can be viewed, handled or used in a utilitarian fashion to positively stimulate the senses. Wonderful curves, tactile feel, surface finish or texture, beauty of grain and many other factors are desirable to achieve and often elusive. Each piece of wood creates a new challenge, but that’s what I continue to enjoy!”