Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans

Download ready-to-use lesson plans on a variety of art topics.  Created by teachers and shared with the museum.

Art of Illumination
Grades 9-12 (Art I)
Students will be creating their own letter illumination after viewing and discussing the St. John’s Bible and The Books of Kells through a video and PowerPoint Presentation.

Complementary Colors Through The Art Of Joseph O’Sickey
Grade 4 (Adaptable for Grades K-12)
Students will gain knowledge of Complementary Colors, and Monochromatic Colors while learning about, discussing, and using Joseph O’Sickey’s biography and artwork.

Electronic Device Sculptures with a Social Message
Grade 8
Exploring, deconstructing and creating sculptures with old electronic devices (such as cameras, video recorders, computers, radios, etc.) that communicate about a social issue.

Metaphors and Portraits with The Oval Portrait (Edgar Allan Poe)
Grade 8 Language Arts
Students will use art projects to enhance concepts from The Oval Portrait by Edgar Allan Poe.

Natural Observations & Major Artworks
Grade 3 (Adaptable Grades K-6)
Students will participate in a unit on the natural environment.  Through observations of the world around them and how artists have depicted it, students will participate in several activities, and create several types of environmentally themed artworks.

Plein Air Landscapes
Grades 9-12
Students will learn about the artwork of Joseph O’Sickey and other landscape artists that rely heavily on observation.  Students will create a series of landscape drawings and painting based on observation that will lead students into creating a final large scale landscape oil painting.