Restoration, Recycling and Remembering

The Art of Barbara Krupp

Above (details, CW left to right): "The Assembly Line," 2010, acrylic and oil stick painting, 66” x 66”; "Where the Fishes Play," 2010, Acrylic and oil stick painting, 66” x 90”; "Steel Mill Restoration," 2010, Acrylic and oil stick painting, 72” x 108”; "Connecting the Dots," 2010, Acrylic and oil stick painting, 72” x 168."

This unique exhibit reflects on the "old" and the "new" in our world, and the excess that has come to characterize our daily landscape.  Old structures are abandoned or torn down; new ones are put up unnecessarily.  Artist Barbara Krupp asks, “What would happen if we could take the lumber, steel, metals, etc. and make beauty out of the old steel mills, out of the hurricane damaged structures and even out of the hidden places in our minds?  Could we rearrange them?”

This dynamic exhibit of acrylic and oil stick paintings features bold colors and magnificent spatial formulations.  Each work tells a story and is created to have the viewer respond emotionally to the intersection of old versus new, as well as environmental and industrial concerns that change our daily perspective

Restoration, Recycling and Remembering is a series of 15 paintings, of which six are featured in the Canton Museum of Art exhibition.  Artist Barbara Krupp started the project in June 2010 and completed them all the next month.  “It was my summer’s magnificent obsession,” she said.  “I have been painting for 37 years.  What have the years taught me about art and life?  They are both the same.  One day you think you are at the top of both and then the next day, what happened?”

Krupp further explains her passion for her art, the world and life with, “I have learned that without the bad days, there is no gauge for the good days.  We think we are so different and yet look around at the world and we are all the same.  Essentially we are all looking for something.  My thought is to make each day the best we can and live in the now.  Looking and being thankful for what is around us is so important.  Making each of the five senses count in the moment is so vital.  I use them all when I paint.  I expect my viewer to respond emotionally when they look at my work.   My native language is painting.  I have made this my life’s work.” Artist website:

Painting Details: Showcasing two exhibition works with statements from the artist...

Connecting the Dots, Barbara Krupp, 2010, Acrylic and oil stick painting, 72” x 168”

“This painting is a summary of the other fourteen in my series “Restoration, Recycling and Remembering.”  It contains the red barn, the traffic-choked highways, and the journeys that we all take, either on or off the ramp.  To make our journey smoother, we should be mindful of our natural resources, try to live in harmony with the earth and live simpler lives, with its messages of Restoration, Recycling and Remembering.

Trail of Copper, Barbara Krupp, 2010, Acrylic and oil stick painting, 66” x 82”

"We are leaving trails of copper and other precious metals all over the country.  Strip mining and other careless excavations are raping our land.  We must learn to respect and cherish nature’s gifts as we live in harmony with them."



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