Christkindl Markt


Choose To Give !

Proceeds benefit the Canton Museum of Art.

We invite you to participate in Christkindl Markt,

November 11-12-13,  by becoming a donor in the following ways:

• we accept cash donations
• we accept product or merchandise that can be used
in different events during the weekend
• you may place an ad in the Christkindl Markt Program
• we use gift certificates and merchandise
for our basket raffle
• you may purchase tickets for Christkindl Markt Admission,
and for our Annual Christkindl Raffle

Your support in any of these ways will help benefit the
Canton Museum of Art, which in turn benefits our community.

We thank you for your interest and for any contribution you can make.

Please contact us at the Canton Museum of Art,
330-453-7666, or