Ted Lawson: A Moment In Time

December 2, 2011 - March 4, 2012

From a single moment, artist Ted Lawson creates a composition, a sketch and finally a painting.  Lawson likens his creative process to that of a writer, who expresses his thoughts and ideas in words to be discovered and enjoyed by the reader.
  “I use watercolor as my means of self-expression.  I paint to create something entertaining and thought-provoking for others to ponder and enjoy…always with a touch of flash.” 

Lawson’s ideas involving common everyday scenes or objects, spring from his extensive foreign and domestic travels, many featuring the excitement of New York City. There is a photographic quality to Lawson’s work, capturing movement, with bold patterns, vivid colors and exciting composition.

“I am an artist.  That is how I define who I am -- a painter, a watercolor artist.  Making art is my means of self-expression and self-fulfillment.  I love to paint a variety of subjects including people, things and landmark locations.  Each painting I create allows me to relive an experience and to reconceive that experience from a new perspective.”    – Ted Lawson    

Lawson, a signature member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, spent a tour in the US Navy and a career in engineering with Marathon Petroleum in Canton. During this time he also studied and practiced art, training with nationally known instructors Gerald Brommer, Tony Couch and Fred Graff . Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Ted resides in Canton with his wife Patricia. Lawson will also be exhibiting and selling his work at the Canton National Art Show, April 27 through 29.

Ted Lawson, Night Fever