Frank Dale: In Search of Beauty

August 21 - November 1, 2009

Frank Dale, found inspiration in the Dutch masters and began seriously researching their techniques in 1999. Dale describes his painting process as the “Flemish Technique,” combining thin layers of resin-oil glazes which he describes as hypnotic and addictive. The painting process is divided into multiple stages, allowing him to perfect each stage or layer of the painting before moving to the next. The end result is optical depth and brilliant surface without the dull, flat look produced by more modern methods.




“As a young man I was always impressed by the deep gloss of the works in the Museums that were done in the renaissance. It was like looking into another world deep inside the surface. In my endless search for Beauty this medium is the perfect elixir for the rendering.” -- Frank Dale

Frank Dale, Leitzel, 14 x 20