Epic Warriors of the Fantastic: Illustrations by Chris Seaman

August 31 - October 28, 2012

Artist’s Statement:

Fantasy art celebrates imagination, mythology, mysticism, the grotesque, dream worlds, visions and other worldliness.  The fantastical characters found within fantasy art helps distinguish it from other art forms.  Depictions of armor clad warriors, wizards, giant monsters, fairies, ghosts, elves, heroes and villains are unique elements of fantasy and are celebrated as such.   

Fantasy as a genre takes on four overlapping commercial forms; cinema and video game concept art, surrealist fantasy art, comic book art, and commercial gaming and trading card art. Concept art for cinema and video games inspire set designers, sculptors, 3d animators, costume designers, make-up artists, landscape artists, and animators.  The concept artist plays a pivotal role in the visual storytelling of cinema and video games, while setting the mood and overall guidelines for others to utilize.  Surrealist fantasy artists are responsible for thought provoking and illustrative works.  Considered a more sophisticated level of fantasy on an intellectual basis, these artists push boundaries of fantasy through the guise of surrealism.  Comic book artists use a combination of literature, illustration, and expression to create comedy, drama, action, and suspense.  Sequential art, as master comics artist Will Eisner describes it, is a medium of juxtaposed images in a deliberate sequence.  When part of that sequence, images are transformed from stagnant illustrations to something more; the art of comics. Commercial gaming and trading card art is based off of what famed Lord of the Rings creator J.R.R. Tolkien called ‘Secondary Worlds.’  Role-players are required to imagine themselves as individual characters and personas set within given narratives.  The concept is now a fundamental component of the commercial gaming and trading card industry.

As a commercial gaming and trading card artist, Chris gives those playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft a conceptual foundation to build upon within their ‘Secondary Worlds.’  He creates artwork that is used to stimulate imagination, educate and entertain consumers.  By showing a glimpse of these imaginary worlds, Chris’s work is used as a visual aide to harness players’ creativity and storytelling ability.   

Artist’s Bio

Graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design summa cum laude in 2000, Chris began his career illustrating card art for the Harry Potter Collectible Card Game.  As a full-time illustrator and author for the past ten years, Chris’s work has attracted such clients in the fantasy and gaming industry as Warner Brothers Studios, Upper Deck, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast and Alderac Entertainment Group. Chris has co-written and illustrated three art instruction booklets published by F&W Publications Inc. called Wreaking Havoc: How to Create Fantasy Warriors and Wicked Weapons, Drawing and Painting Blood Sucking Monsters and other Vampires, and Ink Bloom: Draw and Paint a Fantasy Adventure.  His work has also been featured in Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine and Imagine FX Magazine.  Chris’s work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators NYC and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.  Chris also received the award of “Best in Show 2009” at GenCon, the premier venue for fantasy and science fiction artists in the commercial gaming industry. 


Pictured:  Last Legion of Battle, (c)Wizards of the Coast :additional info- 2011, Acrylic on Board, 22x23