Cutting Edge: Evolution of the Knife

September 3 - October 28, 2012

As humankind has evolved, so has its dependence on, and use of knives.  While no longer a primary tool of survival or war, the primal attachment of the knife remains.  Todays "Cutting Edge" artisans are creating handmade knives which bridge the gap between craft and art. Combining age-old techniques with modern technology, these stunning works of functional art often incorporate rare, precious, and unusual materials.

Above: David Broadwell

Curated by Brett Bennett, Cutting Edge will feature more than 50 fine knives, hand-crafted by 25 leading artisans in this genre, including:  Russ Andrews, David Broadwell, Allen Elishewitz, Vince Evans, Anders Hogstrom, John Lewis Jensen, Matthew Lerch, Jerry McClure, Stephen Olszewski and Richard Rogers.


FREE related event...

"Hammer In" knife and metal-working demo on September 7, 2-7 PM. 

Join us on First Friday at the entrance of the Museum and see 2 exhibiting artists demonstrate forging techniques.