Bill Brouillard: Remonstrations from the Iconic Rustbelt

August 21 - November 1, 2009

Cleveland artist Bill Brouillard creates unique, ceramic vessels and large scale platters which tell stories of the industrial age. Brouillard incorporates the tin-glaze tradition of Majolica work that began in the Middle East and traveled through Italy and Spain to England and the Netherlands -- replacing traditional/ historical repeated patterns with machine age imagery. He will have 18 pieces on display, through November 1.

“With humor, whimsy, and machine age technology as the backdrop, I have tried to inject some familiar objects from both the natural world and the man made environment into the decorative/commemorative object.” – Bill Brouillard

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Bill Brouillard has been a professor of ceramics at Cleveland Institute of Art since 1980. Brouillard Clay Studio is located in the old steel making district in Cleveland, an area where he finds inspiration. He has lectured and exhibited extensively and has pieces in many private and museum collections, including The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Detroit Museum of Art and the Tokyo National Museum. Brouillard was recently awarded a Cleveland Arts Prize for lifetime achievement.

Bill Brouillard, Blue Steel, 2008


Bill Brouillard, Made in the USA, 2008