Alice Kiderman: Human Journey in Stone

August 31 - October 28, 2012

Alice Kiderman’s figurative-abstract sculptures  in stone explore all facets of life –the concepts of feminine and masculine, relationships and experiences.  Joy, pain, conflict, peace, devastation, rebirth… Kiderman explores the journey of humanity through the timeless material of stone.   

Artist Statement

Mountains, rocks, and stone have always fascinated me, since they are some of the few authentic relics we can touch and embrace, that are the “messengers” of the history of our planet. Similarly, craftsmanship in stone, a natural material which is an indispensable part of Earth, is something I’ve been passionate about preserving in this era of fast moving and fast created objects of Art. We don’t seem to have the time it takes. The process of creating art forms in stone is one of the most ancient ways of “preserving” history of our planet and the process hasn’t changed much. It is and has been ecologically responsible and environmentally safe – using what Earth offers us – stone with the help of some of the most ancient tools – hammer and chisels.

Alice Kiderman is a Russian born sculptor working in stone and bronze. Initially trained as a linguist and educator, she gradually changed her career path and followed her passion for sculpture and stone carving. Kiderman is a recipient of several awards in sculpture and has been featured in “Sun Courier”, “Art of the Day”, “The Jewish News”, “ART” (Art Review Today) magazine, as well as in” Art in America" through her affiliation with Aaron Gallery in Washington, D.C.  Her sculptures are in corporate and private collections throughout the country.  

 Alice Kiderman is represented by 1 Point 618 Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work is featured in Malton Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio and Aaron Gallery in Washington D.C.

Most recently she has participated in Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy, December 3 – 11, 2011.