The GeoArt Workbook


A Manual of Creative Projects for Instructors and Students Designed to Stimulate Dimensional Thinking and Aesthetic Appreciation Through Geometric and Architectural Model-Building

Examine the connections between math and art!
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1. One-Point Perspective

2. Two-Point Perspective

3. Let’s Learn a Little Geometry

4. Let’s Learn a Little More Geometry

5. The Pentagon and the Dodecahedron

6. Prisms and Anti-Prisms

7. The Phenomenon of Three Dimensions

8. Let’s Make A Few More Houses and Barns

9. The Archimedean Solids

10. Stellations of Polyhedra

11. Collapsoids: Shapes That Won’t Hold Their Shape

12. Regular Skew Polyhedra: Shapes That Go On, and On, and On...

13. Let’s Make an Arch from Cardboard!

Glossary of Terms

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