The GeoArt Companion Teacher Guide Book


The following is a compilation of lesson plans drafted and implemented by the seven-member GeoArt Team made up of math and art teachers from elementary, middle, and high school levels in Stark County, Ohio. The lessons are based on notions discussed in The GeoArt Workbook. M. J. Albacete, Director, Canton Museum of Art, drafted The GeoArt Workbook: Conceptualizing in Three Dimensions, with the hope of generating an appreciation for the art in math and the math in art. His geometric constructions have inspired the GeoArt Team to develop interdisciplinary projects rich with necessary inquiry based learning and critical thinking skills. They address many of the concerns educators have about covering geometric concepts in preparation for the Ohio Achievement Tests and the Ohio Graduation Test.

Each lesson plan includes step-by-step instructions, handouts, web links, pictures, and diagrams for easy duplication. While the lesson plans are complete with standards alignment and support materials, teachers should feel free to expand upon or alter the lesson plans to fit the needs of their classroom. Teachers from varied subject areas can work together to develop more comprehensive interdisciplinary units.

Have fun!



A Perfect Square to a Cube; Utilizing a Cube

A Mother's Day Gift; Dodecahedron

Making the Perfect Triangle for Storytelling

Three-Dimensional Mobiles

Flying Shapes: Two- and Three-Dimensional Space

Graphic Nameplates: Perspective

Six-Point Star or Six-Petal Flower



Equilateral Triangles to the Star of David

A Box of Artifacts

Stellar Escher Inspirations

Color Wheel Mobile

Op Art Icosododecahedrons


Geo Sculpture

Bridge the Hall

Wheel of Theodorus

Special Quadrilaterals

Nets - Cube & House

Pentagonal Dipyramid Holiday Ornament

Create a Tetrahedron, Octahedron, & Icosahedron

Many Sides of Me 3-D Collage

Personal Clay Box

"Circle Flower" Mandala



This project is funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services by an Act of Congress, in accordance with the FY 2005 Consolidated Appropriations Bill.